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Custom Finials: Use a Door Knob

07/28/14, by Megan Steenson

Earlier today we showed the first of three looks for custom curtain rod finials. You’ve already seen how we used drawer pulls so let’s take a look at another hardware option we loved.

When we saw this classy and sophisticated glass door knob (before photo below) at a local hobby store we knew we had to bring it back to the studio with us. It had a clean, elegant look and was just screaming for a new purpose!

Door Know Finial How-To1

To get started on turning this door knob into a curtain rod finial, we first had to disassemble the knob. Using a hex key — otherwise known as an Allen wrench — we loosened the bolt (photo 1) and removed it from the glass knob (photo 2).

Door Know Finial How-To1

Next, we inserted a 3” wood dowel into the knob (photo 3). It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll want to use a dowel with a diameter that fits your knob. It can be slightly smaller, but if it’s too loose your finial will fall off the curtain rod. With the dowel in place, we used the hex key to tighten the screws on the door knob (photo 4).

Door Know Finial How-To1

The curtain rod prep for this finial is similar to our earlier option using drawer pulls. We drilled a hole in each end of the curtain rod (photo 5) and then inserted the dowel into the hole (photo 6). Our dowel fit nice and tight, but if you’re worried yours may be a little loose, apply wood glue to the dowel before inserting it into the curtain rod.

This door knob was a perfect match for our curtain rod. The brass base was an exact match in size, and the glass knob was the finishing touch this curtain rod needed! Even though we all loved the glass door knob, we had one last hardware option we wanted to try out. Come back later today for the final look and to vote for your favorite finial option!

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