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Custom Finials: Use Drawer Pulls

07/28/14, by Megan Steenson

Elegant and interesting hardware is everywhere these days. From hobby stores to online boutiques and home centers, the options for beautiful and unique hardware are plentiful.

After a recent trip to our local hobby store we returned to the offices with a nice selection of hardware. But we wanted to come up with a new use for these fun selections. That’s where a bland and boring window came in.

We knew we were going to use white-linen curtain panels, but why not add a little charm to the curtain rod itself? We were sold on the idea and got to work trying to pick our favorite piece of hardware to use. This was easier said than done, we each had a favorite and rather than push some aside, we decided to try each one as a finial on the curtain rod.

Drawer Pull Finial How-To1

Up first, we used a set of ceramic drawer pulls (before photo). These drawer pulls were the easiest to transform into finials for our wood-dowel curtain rod. We started by flipping the metal base of the knob so that it would fit flush against the curtain rod (photos 1 and 2).

Drawer Pull Finial How-To2

Next, we drilled a hole slightly smaller than the drawer pull in each end of the wood dowel (photo 3). To finish the look, we screwed in the drawer pull until it was tight (photo 4).

The ceramic knob fit perfectly and the pop of red was just what the lackluster window treatment was missing. We loved this look, but still had a few other options to test out. Come back later to see two more hardware finds that made stunning finial options!

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