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Make Mega-Sized Menu Boards

08/06/14, by Megan Steenson

Your guests won’t have to wonder what’s on the menu or when they’re supposed to eat thanks to these eye-catching announcement boards. They’re made from a pair of bifold doors, so when the party’s over you can stow them away until next time, or leave them up to use for everyday communication. Hang a small bucket of chalk on one side, and you can bet that visitors and family members will soon get in on the act.

Menu Board How-To

Creating this focal point is as easy as rolling paint on a wall. Start by painting the doors, and then apply wide strips of painter’s tape around the outer edges to create a white border (photo 1). Then, roll chalkboard paint over the center section of the door (photo 2). For best results, roll on two coats using a foam roller to achieve a smooth surface without ridges. While the paint is still wet, remove the tape and let your doors dry completely before use.

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