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Painted Doormat Design Options

05/19/14, by Megan Steenson

Last week we showed you how to create a cute and clever painted doormat with letters and an owl pattern. Although we love the quirky charm Mr. Owl brings to that design, we understand it might not be the look for everyone. So, this week, we have not one but three different designs for you to choose from.

Sweet & Simple Stripes

Simple Stripes

Stripes are one of the simplest patterns to create on a doormat because the ribbed surface helps guide your tape placement. Protect the black edge around the doormat by covering it with painter's tape (photo 1). Press the tape down firmly to make sure it adheres to the rubber. Then lay out your striped pattern with more strips of painter's tape (photo 2). Use your fingers to press the tape into the ridges to help prevent paint seepage.

When your pattern's ready to go, roll a light coat of paint on all stripes of the same color. Let it dry, then roll on a second coat for good coverage (photo 3). Move on to the next color, retaping as necessary.

Diamonds are Forever

Geometric House Numbers

This graphically clean pattern looks great in contemporary or traditional settings. You can easily customize the mat with your home address — just pick up vinyl numbers at the home center and cut them out.

Like our other designs, this pattern can be modified to work on doormats of various sizes. Just use the measurements shown in the downloadable diagram when you lay out the pattern (photo 1). We used 2"-wide painter's tape, but you could make the lines wider or narrower if you prefer.

To help keep the paint from seeping under the numbers, use spray adhesive to help them stick (photo 2). They'll still be easy to remove when you're done. Use a small roller to apply paint lightly and evenly over the entire mat (photo 3). After the first coat has dried, roll on a second light coat.

Leaf-Patterned Paint Job

Leaf Pattern

For a fun look, try a mat with tropical leaves. It's easy using faux leaves from the craft store (or our downloadable stencil pattern). Just choose any generous-sized leaves that will fit on the doormat you're using (our leaves measured 24" long and 18" long). Then remove the “veins” from each leaf, so they'll be easier to paint over (photo 1).

A light coat of spray adhesive ensures that the leaves stick to the doormat and helps keep paint from seeping underneath them. After you've adhered the leaves to the mat, use painter's tape and a sharp knife to create natural-looking stems (photo 2). Finally, apply paint over the entire mat, using light pressure and a lightly loaded roller (photo 3). You can aim for full coverage with the second coat.


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