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Rustic Framed Door Decor

04/20/14, by Megan Steenson

This floral door hanging provides a great way to customize your front entrance, and it’s easy to create in just an afternoon. The hanging is made from cedar 1x2s and metal netting; you’ll also need some wire and embellishments such as faux flowers. The flowers will look great all through spring, but they can easily be switched out to match different seasons.

Create a Frame

First, we created a frame for the metal netting from cedar 1x2s. Once the boards were cut to length, we decided to nail them together to add to the piece’s rustic appearance. We pre-drilled nail holes (photo 1) before nailing the parts together (photo 2).

Paint and Assemble

To give the project a more substantial look, we overlapped two layers of netting. We spray-painted both layers with metallic copper spray paint (photo 3). Then we stapled the netting to the back side of the frame using a staple gun (photo 4). Next, it was time to embellish the decor with faux flowers. We just twisted wire around both the backer and the flowers to secure them (photo 5). Then we painted some fun, lightweight numbers and adhered them inside the frame.

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