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Fix a Sticky Door

04/16/14, by Megan Steenson

Sticky doors are a common problem for homeowners, but there's an easy solution. First, try tightening the hinge screws and driving long screws into the door jamb (to draw it closer to the wall). If these options don't help, you'll have to remove material from the edge of the door.

To do this, you could use a tool called a block plane to pare away the wood. But for this simple task, we chose the SurForm Pocket Plane from Stanley. It works like a file, so it's easier to control and sure to provide smooth results.

Fix a Sticky Door

Start by marking the problem area on the edge of the door (photo 1). Depending on where that area is, you might have to take the door off the hinges (photo 2). Then, while applying firm pressure to the tool, make smooth passes over the marked area (photo, above). Put the door back in place to check if you've removed enough material.


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