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VIDEO: The Story of a Little Library

04/02/14, by Cate Seiser

You have the DIY skills to build all sorts of projects for your home. This one — a weather-resistant house for books — serves the whole neighborhood! Stock it with books for kids or grown-ups, and start a library-style exchange program. See what homeowner Diane Munkel has to say about her experience, then check out our tips for building one of your own. Visit littlefreelibrary.org to learn more or to officially register a library.

Tips for Building a Little Free Library

  • Build the structure from dimensional lumber or plywood
  • Incorporate clear acrylic into the sides and door for visibility, if desired
  • For simplicity, you could even use small, store-bought windows for the sides and door
  • Use hinges, magnets, or springs that pull the swinging door closed
  • Add a roof that slightly overhangs the sides and front of the structure
  • Make sure the library is waterproof
  • Paint the project (however you like!) with a good-quality exterior latex paint
  • Label the Little Free Library so visitors understand the concept
  • Attach a sturdy stake, such as a treated 4x4, to bury in the ground
  • If your library is for kids, make sure it's reachable
  • Stock it with new or used books, and invite your neighbors to stop by!

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