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Wood & Cork Bath Mat

03/19/14, by Cate Seiser

This bath mat will make a stylish addition to any bathroom. The design was inspired by wood mats that cost $70 or more in stores, yet it's made from about $30 worth of supplies. For extra style and comfort, we adhered a layer of soft cork to the wood. It feels good on your feet and is naturally mold-resistant.

The construction of the mat is very straightforward. The slats and cleats are made from "craft wood" from the home center that comes cut to the perfect thickness (1/4") and widths (11/2" and 21/2") for this project. That means you just have to cut the pieces to length (16" slats and 22" cleats), which is easy to do with a saw.

steps 1-3

The cork that's applied to the top of each slat is so soft that you can cut it with a utility knife. Use the wood slats as guides for cutting the strips of cork to size (photo 1). Then, to form a strong bond between the wood and cork, apply spray adhesive to both surfaces (photo 2). Press the cork firmly in place on each slat (photo 3), and let the adhesive dry.

steps 4-5

Now you're ready to start assembling the pieces. Lay the slats upside down, and use a framing square to line them up; scraps of craft wood make great spacers. Then apply the cleats to the undersides of the slats with construction adhesive (photo 4). After spraying on a couple coats of polyurethane finish for added protection, finish up by sticking a few self-adhesive gripper pads to the bottom to prevent slips (photo 5).


  • Maple Craft Wood
    Spray Adhesive
    Construction Adhesive
    Polyurethane Spray Finish
    Self-Adhesive Gripper Pads

  • Cleverbrand 3/16" x 24" x 36" Cork Sheet

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