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Window Sash Wall Frame

03/11/14, by Megan Steenson

Family photos and artwork are very personal, so why settle for displaying them in generic off-the-shelf frames? Instead, try making a frame from something unusual.

The secret ingredient in this project is a simple wood window known as a “barn sash” or “utility sash.” You’ll find these sashes in farm-supply stores, home centers, and from online retailers. Once you’ve selected your sash, you can paint it the color of your choice. Then you’re ready to customize the frame and add hangers. Follow the steps below to complete this project.

Window Sash How-To

1) After you paint, distress the sash by sanding in random areas. Then create scrapes and scratches with a razor blade.

2) Next, add hangers to the back of the frame. You could also change up the look by mounting decorative hooks to the top edge.

3) Use glue or double-sided carpet tape to attach clear acrylic frames to the window panes. Then add art or photos.


  • Northview 22" x 29" Wood 4-Lite Barn Sash with Single Pane Glass

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