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Spruce Up Plain Plant Pots

03/21/14, by Cate Seiser

For many people, houseplants double as home decor. And bridging that gap often involves transferring plants from their standard terra-cotta pots into fancy designer containers.

A greener solution, however, is to enhance your containers rather than replace them. We came up with these darling DIY plant surrounds that give plain pots a fresh look. Making a set of them for your houseplants is less expensive and less wasteful than upgrading to new decorative containers, and you can easily customize the sizes and styles.

Our plant surrounds feature a unique MDF screening material that lends a charming garden aesthetic. To form each box, we simply cut the material with a jigsaw, painted the pieces, and glued them to a 3/4"-thick base. Check out this week's eNote for all the details.


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