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Turn a Door into a Desk

02/28/14, by Cate Seiser

Few salvaged items are as readily available as doors. And if you change the way you look at a door, it's easy to see its potential as a tabletop. In this week's eNote, we show you how to frost the glass panes of an old door, attach sleek legs, and add a piece of glass to create a smooth work surface. The result is a stunning desk with tons of character!

Two main factors determine the final look of the project: the choice of door and the choice of legs. We selected our door for its glass panes and narrow width. Other qualities of the door weren't ideal, such as the condition of the edges and finish, but we took the time to fix them up in order to reveal the door's potential. If you prefer to streamline things, simply start with a door that looks good as is. After you have your door, pick out your table legs. We ordered metal ones — which contrast the salvaged door and lend a more modern look — from TableLegsOnline.com.

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