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Windowpane-Style Mirrored Door

01/24/14, by Cate Seiser

It isn't unusual to hang a full-length mirror on a bathroom or bedroom door — especially if you have a plain slab door without a lot of detail. Those inexpensive, foot-wide mirrors are usually the go-to, but we came up with a sophisticated alternative involving wider mirrors and windowpane-style muntin strips.

You'll actually use two mirrors because the standard-sized options at home centers are about half the height of a door. Then, mimicking a look usually reserved for windows, you'll add strips of ½"-thick flat molding around the perimeter of the mirrors and ¼"-thick flat molding in a decorative pattern directly on top of them. The added elements visually become part of the door, and you end up with a stylish and functional door that you'll look at and into every day. Check out this week's eNote for complete how-to information.

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