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Magnetic Spice Rack

01/31/14, by Kristen Smith

If you need a spice rack that's stylish and also perfect for keeping your favorite spices close at hand, look no further. Free up valuable kitchen counter space and get your spices in order by putting together this easy-to-build organizer.

You don't need too many supplies to pull off this project — just some craft wood, shade bracket nails, measuring spoons with holes in the handles, and a set of stainless steel jars that come with a magnetic back (like this set on Amazon).

You'll use the craft wood to make the back and ledge, and the shade bracket nails serve as hangers for the measuring spoons. Paint the organizer any color you like, mount it in a convenient spot on your wall, and fill the containers with spices.

We give you the dimensions and how-to steps for the project in this week's eNote. And if you need an organizer that will accommodate a bigger collection of spices, we've provided the dimensions for a larger version, as well.


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