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Save Money on DIY Pillows

01/09/14, by Kim Downing

Over the holidays, I was one of the lucky ones that received several homemade gifts. One gift in particular that was very special was made by my always-creative niece. She loves crafts. Her idea of a good time is spending an afternoon in a craft or fabric store!

Having visited our home, she knew we were in dire need of new pillows for the couch. With that task in mind, she set off to make a beautiful set of pillows as a holiday gift.

When I asked her about how she made the pillows, she told me that they are really pretty simple to make — the cost was the biggest challenge. You can get great deals on fabric if you look around, but you can easily spend $8-$12 on just the stuffing for one pillow alone!

Her solution was to get old pillows from a thrift store, such as The Salvation Army or DAV. She simply took the old pillows, cut them apart, and reused the stuffing in the new pillows.

Pillow Images

You can easily pick up used pillows for a buck or two. As long as the pillows look clean, the stuffing is probably going to be in good shape. Another way to get stuffing on the cheap is to buy clearance throw pillows or inexpensive bed pillows at a local retail store, such as Walmart. This is a great option if you prefer brand-new stuffing.

Speaking of creative people, we would love to hear your DIY stories, as well. If you stumble across any money-saving tips or ideas as you create your projects, please let us know!


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