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Cabinet Door Serving Tray

01/28/14, by Cate Seiser

You can buy all sorts of nice-looking serving trays in stores. But if you stop to think about the features you want in one — both in terms of style and function — you'll quickly realize that this is an ideal opportunity to take on a DIY project. We used a cabinet door, patterned oilcloth fabric, and decorative drawer pulls to create a serving tray that's pretty, practical, and completely customizable.

Most cabinet doors have a recessed panel, which is a perfect surface for a tray. Start by sanding the door smooth and painting it the color of your choice. To dress things up a bit more, add a water-resistant oilcloth fabric inside the recessed panel. It's easy to stick in place with spray adhesive. Just mask off the frame of the cabinet door and spray the recess; also spray the underside of the fabric (photo 1). Position and smooth the fabric with your hands, then use a credit card to get out any wrinkles or bubbles (photo 2). Finally, for the beautiful and apt finishing touch, attach kitchen drawer pulls as handles for the tray.

Step Shots


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