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Three Ways to Arrange Shelves

12/20/13, by Kristen Smith

Shelves are not only for storing items, but also for displaying them. In this week's eNote, we show you three ways to arrange your shelves to accommodate both of those needs.

If you're a book-lover, make your books stand out by arranging them in non-traditional stacks. Don't be afraid to pull the covers off certain books to get the colors that you're looking for.

For a collection of random decor items, pull them all together by putting those in the same color family on the same set of shelves. Add some life and color to the arrangement by incorporating some organic touches.

If storage is your No. 1 priority, use an assortment of woven baskets. Make the texture of the baskets become front-and-center by surrounding them with decor that's more on the neutral side.

Do you have any tips and tricks for arranging shelves? Let us know in the comment section!

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