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Textile Trend: Velvet

12/14/13, by Becky Cunningham

For years, velvet was out of date. You may have still seen it at grandma's house, but it definitely wasn't showing up at trendy home decor stores. That has changed! Today, appealing shades of velvet — both neutral and bold — are incorporated in all sorts of fashionable furnishings.

One of the most dramatic ways to run with this trend is to purchase furniture that's upholstered with velvet. The Hudson Upholstered Settee Loveseat Bench from Target would work in just about any space, while Crate and Barrel's Cody Side Chairs are ideal for an elegant dining room. Not quite ready to make such a large investment? Inexpensive Velvet-Trimmed Table Linens from Pier 1 Imports will also catch the eye of dinner guests.

Seating Ideas

Along the same lines, you can bring velvet into your bedroom decor in both big and small ways. A velvet-upholstered Diamond Tufted Headboard from West Elm is an instant focal point. Or you could set an equally classy tone for the room with Washed Velvet Silk Quilts & Shams from Pottery Barn. Keep in mind that when something as prominent as furniture or bedding includes a notable color, texture, or material, it's always a good idea to repeat it somewhere else. Velvet Plum Blossom Sprigs from World Market are a more subtle use of the textile, yet they still offer lots of style and color.

Bedding Ideas

We're curious how everyone feels about velvet's comeback. Tell us what you think with our poll!

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How do you feel about velvet?

I like it now that it's back in style.5 votes
Love it! Always have, always will.3 votes
It's not for me, but I'm indifferent.2 votes
Yuck! I thought it was gone for good.2 votes

Total votes: 12