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Free Digital Issues

12/19/13, by Kim Downing

As you probably know from exploring our website, the My Home My Style brand encompasses a number of different forms of content: this blog of timely topics and insider info, a gallery of inspiring photos, and free weekly eNotes. In the past few weeks, we’ve also put up a few issues of our DemiZine.

For now, these fully interactive digital magazines are viewable in our web reader that’s built into our site ... but they’re actually designed for the iPad. That’s where the interactivity and photography really come to life. We’re as eager as you are for the My Home My Style app to launch early next year. We’ll populate it with brand-new, crystal-clear issues every other week.

Until then, however, we’re going to hold off on posting new DemiZines on our website. Please take advantage of everything My Home My Style has to offer at this time — including the three free issues of the DemiZine — and look forward to seeing the publication in all its glory within the next few months.

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