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Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

12/05/13, by Kristen Smith

My Home My Style is very excited about the release of Pantone's Color of the Year, but I am especially ecstatic. I love any kind of purple, and Radiant Orchid (18-3224) is a lovely shade — rich but not too bold, with slight pink undertones.

I am passionate about purple. It's the color of royalty. It's a color that can be mysterious, invigorating, and welcoming, all at once. In any room, even if the shade used is very light or if it's used in the tiniest detail, it's always a color that stands out.

Part of the reason I love purple so much is because it tends to not be others' favorite color. My style — while on trend — is typically much more unique. Purple gets that. Purple understands.

Pantone describes this particular shade as an "expressive, creative, and embracing purple." I'd have to say I agree — it's already sparked my imagination for new ways to integrate it into my home.

Radiant Orchid Color

If you're interested in painting a room like we did, Valspar will be introducing Radiant Orchid to its PANTONE UNIVERSE Paint Collection, which is sold at Lowe's. If you don't feel you're brave enough to cover your walls in purple, try incorporating Radiant Orchid into your home in subtler ways. Try throw pillows, a vase, or even a rug. This shade plays well with greens, particularly, ranging from hunter green to teals.

I hope you didn't find this post to be a piece of purple prose, and I hope Radiant Orchid will help you come to appreciate purple as much as I do.

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