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Chevron Frosted Glassware

12/17/13, by Megan Steenson

Chevron is a hot trend in fashion and decor. But if you’ve tried to paint a chevron pattern, you know that masking off zigzags with individual pieces of painter’s tape takes a lot of patience. When we discovered FrogTape’s Shape Tape, we new we had to give it a try.

Shape Tape is available in three fun patterns — waves, scallops, and chevron. Like other painter’s tapes, Shape Tape does a great job creating sharp lines. However, the price is slightly more expensive than standard FrogTape, and the roll is half as long as a standard roll. We recommend this product for smaller DIY projects, but if you’re willing to spend a little more, it would still work great on walls and larger scale projects.

Testing It Out

For our project, we decided to try a spin on the Personalized Etched Glassware from Free Issue No. 3. We used the chevron Shape Tape and Krylon’s Frosted Glass Finish spray paint. The frosted glass spray paint was a great alternative to the etching cream used in the original project. It provided us with the same effect, but was more manageable and controllable.

Chevron FrogTape

Here’s a quick step-by-step description of what we did:

  1. Gather your materials and prep your glassware — make sure it’s clean and dry so the Shape Tape will adhere properly.

  2. Apply the Shape Tape to the areas you want to leave unfrosted, removing the backer as you go.

  3. Spray your piece with the frosted glass spray paint. Multiple thin coats are your best friend and will give you the best coverage.

After you’ve finished spraying your glassware, let it dry overnight. Once the paint is fully cured, carefully remove the tape and spray it with a clear coat for extra protection. We like Krylon’s Matte Finish, but you could use a gloss clear coat as well.

Whether you choose chevron, scallops, or waves, FrogTape’s Shape Tape is a fun and easy product to use for crafty painting projects like this.

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