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Adorn Your Door with Boxwood

12/01/13, by Megan Steenson

This time of year, I am in full holiday decorating mode. Among those decorations is a wreath or two. In years past, I’ve ordered evergreen wreaths, which I would quickly unwrap and mount to my front door. These wreaths always made it through the holiday season, but afterward, I was left with needles on the ground and a dead wreath that had to be tossed in the trash. Then I discovered boxwood wreaths! They’re gorgeous and hold up unbelievably well.

In the holiday bedroom in Free Issue No. 2, we included two preserved Boxwood wreaths. The crazy thing is that we actually purchased them at a local greenhouse two years ago – and they still look fantastic! We keep ours in their original plastic bags – mostly to keep the dust at bay – but you may wish to store yours in a plastic container or other storage bin.

When you’re looking for your own wreaths, pay special attention to whether they’re preserved or not. While preserved Boxwood wreaths and plants can be stored for years and still look as good as new, non-preserved varieties should be treated like any other live house plants you may have. Potted Boxwood plants (which we also showed in the guest bedroom article) need to be watered regularly, and non-preserved Boxwood wreaths should be kept in a cool location and misted with water to keep them looking fresh.

Whether you choose preserved or non-preserved Boxwood greenery, these holiday favorites are sure to add a pop of color to your home!

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